Friday, December 7, 2012


 This is Hollyberry.    I just picked her up from a local animal control.  They fell in love with this sweet one because her tail was always wagging, in spite of the fact that she has obviously not been cared for.    She spent a lot of time at the shelter being held and carried, which she loved.    I'm so glad they did this for her-- they are very caring there.
 "Are you taking me to get help?"   Yes, I am!
 Hollyberry weighs about 14.5 pounds, and she could lose a little weight.   She has mammory tumors and those can be removed when she is spayed next week.    We're hoping all her bloodwork comes back perfect today!   
She let me do anything to her.  I rolled her over on my lap and she was content to just lay there and let me rub her tummy.    Once she is healthy and her skin feels better, she will be ready for adoption.   She is about 8 years old we think, and a dollbaby.   I'm so glad we have the opportunity to help her.   We hope this will be her best Christmas ever!


lady jicky said...

Oh what a sweet girl - I so hope she finds a loving home for Christmas!

Lisa_S. said...

Our first Peke was officially named Princess Holly Berry! How funny!