Saturday, December 1, 2012


 Caryn's Teddy is getting ready for Christmas.    He's got his hat and Santa coat and is looking out for some reindeer.
 But, all he sees is Tinkerbelle/Bella who is dressed up like Mrs. Claud
 Wait, Bella is now dressed like a reindeer.  Maybe Teddy was right-- reindeer are coming!   Teddy is behind her-- his hat in place.
Tiki is so cute in hat and holly with a package to be mailed.  
Abigail, Bella and Teddy are fresh from spa treatments. I am sure they are getting everything done so they'll be beautiful for the holiday.
 Here's a close up of Abigail-- you're so pretty!
 Bella is adorable-- a tiny one. She's available for adoption!
 She must have been tired, because the grooming table has become a bed! Teddy will watch out for her so she doesn't fall off.
 And here's Jason-- he was rescued and looks so good! You can tell he is loved a lot!
Six on the outside glider-- I can't get mine to sit in small groups, let alone a group of six. Do you have a magic touch, Caryn? Let me know what it is.   We'll post more Christmas pictures soon!

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lady jicky said...

Oh so cute!!!

I do not know how you got all those doggies to sit together on that couch but .... I think Superglue might have something to do with it! LOL