Friday, December 28, 2012


 Dublin came into rescue in the fall.   He had to have back surgery and had a long recovery.  He is doing great now!  I'll post a video at the end of the blog.    
 I asked his foster mom, Monica, why she fostered.   She said she fostered because she wouldn't have had Leo, Phoebe, Max, Maggie, Bobby, Midge, Trevor or Mr. Eddie if someone else had not agreed to foster them first.    She said that just like PVPC says, "rescuing one pet doesn't change the world, but it changes the world for that one pet."   
 Dublin is her foster Peke-- she also fostered Phoebe, and as things would have it, Phoebe ended up finding her forever home with Monica and her family.     Dublin came into rescue with fleas, and the only medical he had was a rabies shot.    He desperately needed help, and PVPC was able to give it to him because of Monica's offer to help and all the generous donations that made his care possible.   Monica said that she loves watching dog shows where the Peke wins-- but all those dogs have someone to love them already.    The beautiful Pekes make her smile-- but all the others, "pet grade" Pekes who don't have ribbons or trophies need a chance to win at life-- and that's why she is fostering Dublin.  She wants him to win!
 Dublin had to wait three months to be neutered after his back surgery.    Look at that face.   
 He rested a lot after his surgery, but he couldn't wait to get back to his friends.
Here he is with Phoebe, one of his good friends.   Dublin is now ready for a forever home.    He is just over a year old and has a long time to live and a lot of love and joy to give!     Click here: Run Dublin run!!! - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

Mr Dublin --- the girls and I think you are a BLUE RIBBON WINNER!

We hope you find a fabulous and kind home !!!!!