Monday, December 17, 2012


 Hollyberry is feeling so much better!    We had to postpone her surgery last week because she had kennel cough.
Now, she is bouncing around, and playing with little squeaky toys.  
Piper loves her!   He follows her all over-- but he's also content to run after the other dogs in search of squirrels in trees, birds in the creek.....
Hollyberry loves the little toys the best-- this bunny doesn't have a squeaking sound, but lots of others do.
She has been having nebulizing treatments.    Mary Elizabeth gave me a nebulizer, and it's great!    I cover the crate and set up the nebulizer (with albuterol from the vet, but also saline water is good).  
She gets a 15 minute treatment-- it began with twice a day, now it's once a day.     It has really helped her.
She will have her surgery for spay and mammory tumor removal on Wednesday and then recover here over Christmas.    
And then, she'll be ready for her new home!   She is so cute and a sweetheart.  Love this girl!

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lady jicky said...

Oh she is so sweet Linda!!

I hope this girl goes to a very special home!!!