Saturday, December 22, 2012


Piper is one of my foster dogs-- so is Hollyberry.    Piper is 2-3 years old and all puppy!    I have voles in the yard, and he was trying to find them.    Is that dirt on your face?
"I didn't do it!  That other white dog did."
 "Here's my friend, Hollyberry.    Our foster mom took these before her surgery on Wednesday.   Hollyberry has a Christmas coat on?  Where's mine?"
"I have to keep an eye on her-- I love this dog."
 Little Hollyberry had surgery on Wednesday and has to wear a Peke-friendly e-collar.  
 Piper follows her everywhere.    I carry her very gently outside-- she has staples all the way from her front leg to her back leg.    She was riddled inside and out with cysts and had mammory tumors.   The vet said they were hormone-fed, so she should improve very quickly now. 
 This is what she thinks about all the surgery she went through-- I see that tongue sticking out!
She will be better soon and is getting lots of love here.    Here's a video of her and Piper-- she just makes a brief appearance. :-)
Click here: piperhollyberry - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

I do hope Hollyberry that now your Op is over you begin to feel really great!

Piper --- what is a Vole?