Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Oh, no, what a week-end!    Thousands of people and kids and dogs showed up.      (Roxie is my foster dog.)
 Maybe that's an exaggeration-- it was just four grandkids.     And 9 adults, and one extra dog.
 Starlight found a hiding place-- I see you, Starlight.
 Beach Bit was getting the baseball caps out for everyone-- all at once.
 He made sure the scooter was ready for races around the house. (And I wonder why I have to touch up the cabinets Beth?!)
 He sampled the popsickles- yep, they were good.
 I held Roxie, took a moment to regroup from meal preps, dishes and craziness.   And fun!  (You can see the new porch door that we waited 5 weeks for!   See the doggy door-- now if they will use it!)
 Cranberry didn't see the humor in it at all and hid in her quiet place. :-)
And Scooter had a great week-end.  Bring it on kids!    Camp Runamuck was fun for the week-end!  But, now things are back to normal-- whatever that is!

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lady jicky said...

Linda - you and the peke's need a "Nanna Nap" !!!!! LOL