Friday, September 27, 2013


I just received a few more pictures of Zoe.   She was in the shelter when they were taken.     She was turned into a shelter by her owner who said he didn't have time for her anymore.  
  We were told she is 8 years old, very sweet and loving. The owner gave an "oh, by the way"-- she may have swallowed rat poison.   Really?   And you didn't do anything?    Well, she didn't swallow that as she is doing just fine and wants a forever home.  
We'll take care of her medical update, and then find her a home.     If you love ones that are a little older, this sweet girl might be the one for you.

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lady jicky said...

I think sweet Zoe just got rid of a "ratfink" in her life!

Zoe looks very pretty and would make a wonderful pet for a family or someone on their own as Peke's love to be centre of attention and I think this girl deserves this !!!!