Friday, September 13, 2013


 Lily Kay has been in her new home this week and is doing so well.  Her mom sent me some more pictures and I had to post them.     (Don't worry, Lucy, you're next for a blog!)  
 Lily Kay's new name is Stella Lily.    I'm sure she loves that.
 She has her own little playspace when her mom is out and about.     I love your little toy!
 And there she is with Sophie-- her friend.    They do play a lot and have become great friends!
 Her new mom sent me this email:   "I wanted to share with you the news that Lily Kay (who I’m actually calling Stella Lily) has joined the family. THANK YOU both for making this happen. My sister and I made the 12-hour roundtrip to Roanoke the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and escorted the girl home. Lucinda did an amazing job with her poor little jaw. She’s very wary of everything but is coming around slowly and loves to eat and take walks. She also LOVES her cousin Sophie, my sister’s dog, and follows her around and does everything she does.   So again, thank you for everything and I will keep in touch. Keep up the good work!"    THANK YOU!!   THIS IS WHY WE RESCUE!


lady jicky said...

So happy to read this Linda!!!

Tracey said...

So glad she has such a loving new home. Yeah!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Love the name Stella Lily! Glad you have a cousin to play with and have become great friends already! Sophie and your new mom will help you become familiar and safe with everything. You look really happy in your new furever home! Another Happy Tail!