Sunday, September 1, 2013


 I have saved some pictures of Piper-- he was a very special boy here.   I love this one with my grandson, Beach Bit.    When a great application came for Piper, I had to let him go.    All of us who foster know that we just do get attached to most of them-- some more than others.    
 But, when I get updates, my heart smiles and I know I did the right thing.    If I don't let them go, I can't help the next one who needs it.     Piper went to his new home, and shortly after that, Abbi joined him.  She was a rescue also, but another group near where his parents' live. (She was saved in a puppy mill bust.)   Piper LOVES Abbi and she loves him.    It was so much better than what he could have here-- his own personal playmate.    Mine are older now, and just don't have Piper's energy.
Can you tell they like each other.   I just love them.    Hugs to you both, Piper!!  


lady jicky said...

So lovely to read this !

Fathers Day here in Australia

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

So glad you got a great home Piper, and then got a sister to love, and to romp and play with!