Sunday, September 15, 2013


 Grace (formerly Glitter) was adopted from us and now enjoys a wonderful life in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.    She has a best friend, named Teddy.
 Teddy and Grace are kind of like an old married couple.    They have their own interests, but usually support one another in their endeavors.
  Ted has for some reason taken a liking to the sawdust spot, out near the edge of the yard, where a couple trees taken down this past weekend.   (Pekes like new things of course!)
So here they are, sunbathing in the sawdust.  :-)  Not fun when they bring all that stuff in the house in their fur.    (I know all about that since I put down 6 yards of mulch!   Some of it has moved inside!)   I'm sure the spot being in the sunshine makes it even more appealing!


lady jicky said...

Oh they are just so cute together!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Grace and Teddy are adorable! My Pekes have always had to "inspect" new things, so these are no different. Is it a "Peke thing?" What better place to sunbathe than in sawdust?

Ginkgo's tail is a magnet for stuff. Won't be long until I am raking the leaves out of her tail and those she brings in the house!