Monday, September 30, 2013


 Murray came to us from a rural shelter and his eyes were so infected that he almost couldn't open one of them (the other was closed).     He was in a lot of pain-- and had suffered so much neglect.
 We got him, he went right to the vet, and then to the opthalmologist.    They stayed open so we could get there.    He went on four eye meds to prepare his eyes for surgery-- they were just too infected to do anything right away.
 He looks good here, but what you can't see if the huge ulcer/hole in the left eye and the fact that the right eye was totally ruptured.     There was no way to save it.
 We took him yesterday for his surgery-- the opthalmologist came in on Sunday to do the surgery (no increased cost and still gave us a discount!).    He needed this surgery as soon as possible to save his eye.
He looks pretty rough here, but his tail was still wagging.  He is so sweet and loving and I know he knows that our group saved him.    He even gave little kisses.     Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support so that we could take care of him!   Here he was before surgery-- tail wagging.  He knew we loved him!  Click here: ? murray - YouTube

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