Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 I only have two pictures of this sweet girl, but I'll be getting more.     She was turned into rescue by her owner.   GeeGee doesn't like to be alone during the day, and gets upset.     She needs to be with people or other dogs to be happy.   (I always leave a radio if I have to go somewhere-- I don't know if it helps the dogs, but it helps me.)     GeeGee is 3 years old (last March) and weighs only 10 pounds.  
The vet our foster mom took her to said she's the sweetest Peke he's ever seen.    She eats Natural Balance Duck and potato to help her skin, which is doing SO much better since she's been in rescue.    She also likes a little Salmon oil on her food.     She is housetrained, but will use a paper pad.   She is very friendly and loves people and other dogs.   If you are interested in this little one, just let us know!


lady jicky said...

How I wished I lived in the US - Gee Gee would be with me and my girls right now - she is divine!!!

chi-town lady said...

I would love her. My female peke at home would love to have a sister. I'm in Illinois

Linda said...

We don't have means to transport to Illinois, Chi-Town lady. I assume you are in Chicago? We have done occasional long-distance adoptions, but people have to get them as we will not fly them.