Monday, September 9, 2013


 Leigh and I have been friends for a long time-- we met through Peke rescue.   We don't live in the same town, but we decided that our Pekes could be each other's "support group" when lots of Peke shenanigans were going on.    And we know that happens!    Look at her crew-- Darcy, Ellie, Sadie, and Dakoda/Kody.   Aren't they cute!
 Dakoda is beautiful and obviously very happy.     I know she gets away with naughty things because she's so cute!  
 Here's Darcy-- she loves to play and bark.    And with a yard, I'm sure there is plenty to bark at.  (The support group here is barking at the dog next door as I write this.)
 Ellie came from an abusive situation and now has a home full of love.     Her mom was looking for a boy, but when Ellie needed a home, she couldn't say no.  
Sweet Sadie -- her  mom says she is the "fabulous one."  All these dogs are the ones who sent Cranberry a birthday card.       She also wrote me this, which I think is wonderful--"We are so very blessed to have them in our lives.   The older they get, the dearer they become.   Having shared so much of our lives, loving us, loving our children, sharing us with pack mates and fosters..."   I totally agree.    Our dogs are part of who we are.    I know this is true for Leigh, too!   I'm glad she is my friend!


lady jicky said...

So cute and special as they all are Linda !!
Looks like we are in for a super thunder storm here ! My girls do not worry as long as I am 'cool" !!! LOL

lady jicky said...

So true !! The longer one is with a dog or two --- the more one understands and enjoys dogs!!
Woof to you all from the girls in OZ !!! ( or - Australia :) )