Saturday, September 21, 2013


 I don't usually just do "before" blogs, but this little guy just came into rescue and has been quite neglected medically.     He was covered with fleas-- this has obviously gone on for some time as he is just miserable and has lost some hair.   Gus' owner loved him but was unable to provide the care he needed.
 We gave a capstar and that kills all fleas within 30 minutes or so.    Then, he had a special bath and already is beginning to feel better.    Look at him itching him-- just makes me feel bad for him!  But, those fleas are gone now.
Gus is about 6 years old, and weighs 13 pounds.      
 He has been on Kibbles and Bits but we are changing him to a healthy dog food   Just look what the fleas have done to his body.    Fleas have been a problem this  year and his owner just didn't know how to help him.   (Remember, we aren't all as knowledgeable as others and this owner did love her dog.)
Gus is in good hands now and I can't wait to see how he does in a week or two.  He's going to feel SO much better!   He will get healthy, have wonderful food, medical care, and lots of love and Peke friends.    Lucy, Jeanne's other foster, is telling him he is safe now.   Love this!

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