Sunday, August 3, 2014


 Desi gets treat boxes from Freddie's Finds.    Here she has one of ther hats on.   I know she has plenty of dresses that will match it.    Desi won the "Freddie's Finds Hawaiian Bucket Hat Contest."   WOW!
 Everyone had so much fun with the contest.   Here is Desi wearing one of her own hats.
 I had one of my blogger friends ask for a blog on Desi-- oh my, has it been that long since I posted one?
 Desi was very obliging when I checked her mom's facebook to get some pictures of her.  
Her Freddie's Finds hat, though, is adorable!    I know it will be well taken care of-- and probably end up in some of our picnic pictures next year!

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lady jicky said...

This is what Moi Moi and Coco told me when they saw Ms Desi in your post today Linda .....

"OMG .... thank goodness she does not wear shoes ... she would have out number Imelda Marcos's shoes ..... and SHE has a Shoe Museum in Manila !!! "

LOL !!!