Saturday, August 16, 2014


 I am busy all the time.  Sometimes, I just want to SIT and watch an old movie.  Or sleep.  But, rescue keeps me busy.  My grandson keeps me busy.   Life keeps me busy.
 And of course, foster dogs keep me busy.
 But, now we are even busier!    You see, our neighbors moved this week.  They lived in their home 37 years and we've known them since we moved to the street over 16 years ago.   They were wonderful!
 The movers were fabulous!   The driver let Beach Bit get into his truck! WOW.
 Beach Bit blew the horn-- that was loud!
 I'm amazed that the driver and his men were so kind to Beach Bit and took time with him.   Beach Bit saw the inside of the truck with its bunk beds, refrigerator, TV, microwave, closet and Beach Bit was fascinated by the TRASH CAN.   (Why, I have no idea!)
 Beach Bit had a blast watching them for 3 days, packing, moving furnitue.
 He sat on the front porch to have a good view.
 This picture was taken in the spring-- now the house is empty.  But, not for long.   Beach Bit is moving in!
 So is Maddie...
 So is Leo....
 They will all have a new home!
Pandy, at about 14-15, can be just old, but she has already explored her new home and yard.   We'll be painting this week-end, and helping them to start moving over from their other home.  They be just across the street from us (and my sister lives next door to me).     Dogs, kids, grandkids, moving, foster dogs, my own dogs---- life is BUSY!


lady jicky said...

Oh Wow Linda ...... your family is over the road!!!

Beautiful house too!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

How wonderful, Linda! So convenient!.....Kath