Monday, August 18, 2014


 Max came into rescue in 2008 with his sister, Maggie.  They were found in a field where they had been dumped.  
 Six years ago--- they were both so young!
 I look at the picture and can't really remember when he wasn't gray in the face.   Maggie and Max are both eleven now.    Maggie was adopted, but no one took Max.  
 Max, here with Kai Kai, LOVES toys.    He is the toy monster in our house.  If another dog has a toy-- Max must have that toy.   It doesn't matter that there are a multitude of toy choices.  Nope, he has to have the one someone else has.  
 He was a good sport when I was taking autumn pictures one year.    Look at that sweet face.  
 He loves looking outside-- here he was on the deck before we tore it down.
 He rode in the doggie stroller on a vet visit.
 He's been part of birthday parties.  
 He has helped Beach Bit at the playhouse--why was he putting one of Max's toys in the mailbox?
 Max is older now-- but still in great health.  
Happy Birthday, sweet Max!    I'm so glad you stayed.

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lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday sweet Max !!!

love from your girlfriends in Australia :)