Monday, August 11, 2014


 I love it when I get emails and pictures-- and a story is there already.   YAHOO!!    They went to Grey's Point RV Park-- where the Rappahannock River meets the Chesapeake Bay.  
 Ted and Grace (formerly Gllitter-- the dark one) tooka 3 1/2 day vacation with their mom and dad.
 Grace is a SERIOUS homebody, but she relaxed a little more each time they went on a trip.    She has a motorhome-- it's like taking your house with you!   She loved watching the other dogs walk by, so she could bark at them.
 "Stop taking my picture, Mom!   We're waiting for more dogs to go by."   I think they were getting bored.
 "I hate it when you take my picture!  Stop already!"
 Ted loves having his picture taken!   Hello, pretty boy!!
Ted loves getting in the tiny kitty bed in the front window.. he's wondering why nobody is walking by (it was raining) and why it's time to go home.    I guess he was enjoying his Peke vacation!

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That is so cute!!!!!