Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 Rammi wonders what happened to our facebook page yesterday.  
 Beach Bit was contemplating where it went!
 Camden was running to find it!   It had disappeared.
 We use the facebook page to help our foster Pekingese like Little Girl above.
 It was set up as an individual page and facebook told us it needed to be an organizational page.   Chloe was just bummed about that!
 We have it set up again at   MacKenzie is beside himself with joy!
 Pepper is running so she can check it out!
 Gus is not concerned-- he's too laid back to worry about facebook.
 But, Koko wants everything to be on track so people can get updates on her.
Rammi and Lexie say if you were friends on the old facebook page, just go to the new link and make sure you are still our "friend."    You don't want to miss our updates on the Pekes we are trying to help.   That would be terrible!    :-)


lady jicky said...

I do not do facebook but .... sometimes I am very tempted to do it ---- for your rescue only!

Sherry Ruddy said...