Saturday, August 2, 2014


 I want to honor a family dog today.   He belonged to my sister in law and her daughter.   His name was Miracle.
 Eight years ago, Tasha (above) found a tiny puppy in a ditch-- they didn't know how he got there or where his mom was, but he was in horrible shape.
 He was malnourished, and had severe mange.  
 Miracle was given extensive vet care and he blossomed into a very loyal boy.   He loved his mom and "sister."
 He loves to be outside and go for walks.    From a dog who had "no chance"-- he became a dog who was loved and adored.   The vet thought he was a Lab/Sharpei mix, a beautiful dog.
Miracle suddenly declined and his mom rushed him to the vet.   He had showed no sign of discomfort before this.    After arriving at the vet, the vet found he had a tumor near his heart and he went into cardiac arrest.   Even though efforts were save Miracle, he could not be revived.   Miracle had a wonderful life full of love from the moment of his rescue.    I want to honor my sister in law, Debra and her daughter, Tasha.    I'm so sorry for their loss-- Run free now, sweet Miracle.  You were loved!

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lady jicky said...

I am so sad for your lost .

What a lovely boy he was !!!