Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Blossom just came into rescue.    She was found next to her deceased owner and was traumatized.   We couldn't even find out her real name-- so she was named Blossom by the shelter and we kept it for now.
My friend, Susan, went to pick her up for me.   She is also keeping her at her home until tomorrow when we can take her to meet her foster mom.  
Blossom just needs time to feel safe and she will be able to do that in her foster home.   
 She went to the vet and her bloodwork is great.   She is about 5-6, so  has a lot of years to be a happy girl.
 She needs to go on a diet-- she weighs 22 pounds!    Big girl.   She doesn't seem to know what  a food bowl is, so she must have been hand fed.   She'll have to learn what a bowl is. :-)
 She does have a bladder infection, so she is being treated for that.   Most of the dogs we take in have a bladder infection.  Pekingese can't eat "junk"-- they need good food.    She has been licking her feet, which is why they are so dark.    We can help that, too.
I think she has a great future in front of her.  Welcome to rescue, Blossom!

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lady jicky said...

What a very sad time Ms Blossom has had but ..... I know she is with you all and times are going to change for the better!

I am doing that Adoption Dance for Blossom !!!!