Friday, August 15, 2014


I haven't done a blog on Lexie for awhile, so I thought I'd update you.
 She is one sweet girl! Oh, my, she is a dollbaby!    She is doing really well so far as we adjust her medications to see how she can do on lower doses.  
 Today, it was bath time for a few of the Pekes here.  Starlight, Scooter and Lexie all had baths.
 After Lexie was done, I put her on the porch to air out a bit before I started to blow her dry.  
 That wasn't a good idea.   She found the mulch and began to roll around.
 She began to collect quite an assortment in her hair-- enough that she had to have another bath.  
 She was bathed and cream rinsed again and then I let her air dry some INSIDE.  
Then she was brushed and blown and was so good.   Rammi is coming to check her out-- his bath day is another day!

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lady jicky said...

Snap ! We had bath time today too!