Monday, August 4, 2014


 Scooterbug has been the Peke friend to all my rescues.   From the time he was 2 until now at 13, he has welcomed many foster dogs and let them know they were safe here.
 When we get them from shelters, we don't know their health or personality.  
 We just know they need help.  
 A rescue friend wrote the following and I thought it was so good.
 "Rescue isn't just helping the cute, fluffy, desirable dogs.  
 Rescue is helping those animals that the public won't initially adopt because of appearance (the matted, stinky dog brought to shelters after years of neglect), health concerns, age, or behavior.
 Responsible rescues step in to help these wayward souls to rehabilitate them so that the general public can see the beauty beneath.
 Real rescues don't just help the occasional tough luck case and promote the animal as a fundraiser.
 Real rescues don't compromise medical care or lower adoption standards because of money.
 Real rescues know their limitations and do not take more animals than can be properly provided for.
 Real rescue is tough.
 It's rewarding."
And it is filled with love!


lady jicky said...

Linda your rescue is so reputable and ethical of any that I know and you ALL should be so Proud :)

Chris said...

This is a lovely piece. The photos tell the whole story of real love and caring, no matter what. Thank you, and please thank your friend for drawing attention to what rescue is and is not. <3

Chris O'Connell