Monday, December 7, 2015


 Albert "Al" came to us from a Maryland shelter in later October.   He was in rough shape.
 He made a quick stop at Paige's home and then went on to Jeanne's to be checked out.  He had a very bad ear infection, but surgery on his ear opened up the problem and he began to heal.   He also had a huge mass removed from his neck-- and it was benign!  A dental finished off his vetting and he was ready for his foster home.
 He is now with his foster mom, Sharon, and he is so sweet.  
 We think he is about ten years old and so he still has years left to have a loving life.
 He obviously is a sweet boy and loves attention.    I love the seniors-- they are so precious and so loving and grateful for the care they are given.
 Look at his beautiful eyes and face.   I just want to hug him.
 Al is ready for a forever home.   I know there are young dogs needing homes, but the older ones grab my heart.   He hopes that he will have that forever home soon!  It's his Christmas wish.


lady jicky said...

Yes .... when you see his face you just want to hug him!!

I am doing my Adoption Dance for Albert right now!!

Lost Earring said...

I love these stories on Must Love Pekes. A lot of love goes into each story along with pictures of these babies and even more love goes into the rescue, the healing and the foster care-giver. The babies come out beautiful in every way and the love that brings each one to that stage warms my heart because there is so much that goes into the success stories. I remember Al when he came in just as I am aware of the love and healing that is being administered to little Joyful Grace. It's my belief and hope that this love and the love of adoptive parents wipes away most of the neglect and sense of loss these precious babies experienced earlier in their lives. Also the precious ones who became displaced because of the death or bad fortune of their former owners.

The success stories from the Must Love Pekes blogger is a coat of armor one needs before turning on the National and World News these days.