Thursday, December 31, 2015


"Sometimes," said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."  A.A. Milne

 This is the hardest blog to do-- the last one of the year where we say farewell to those who have left us this year.   As I put each picture in, I knew the heartache that each loss meant to their family.  My heart goes out to everyone who lost one this year.   My foster, Lexie, is one I am posting this year-- I know the pain each of you feel at loss of a special friend.   If I missed yours, please send me a picture and I will include it.  
Linda and the Pekes here
 Lady Snaps
 Nick and Sydney
 Jules Verne
 Gracie Lu
 Moi Moi
 Nikki Sue
 Rescue partner Linda Cribb, friend in rescue
 Lottie -- my grand dog
And my sweet girl, Lexie.  

Run Free now, little ones.   Play with your friends at the Rainbow Bridge.   We love you.
 Ollie just left his family this week.
Paws, sweet one, gone too soon
Chanel, who died on Christmas Day-- farewell sweet one.


lady jicky said...

Oh this must be the hardest post to do !
I miss Moi Moi so much and I know everyone on the post today is saying to themselves .... "this little peke gave us so much love and although I miss them dearly - thank goodness they were in my life" !!!
I know Moi Moi got to know a daily walk, better Vet care and grooming , a nice bed and food and , especaially lots and lots of love and attention when she came to our house as a x breeding Peke.

We wish our "Must Love Peke's" Family a wonderful and a Happy New Year !!!
Melinda, Steve and Coco - Woof!

Lost Earring said...

I can see that 2015 had some tears along with the cheers for each baby saved this year. For those that passed it would be a sad write-up for sure.

Our house wishes the "Must Love Peke's" Family a wonderful new year as well.


Rita, Dave, Bandit, Queen Willow and Mercer Meyer Mason the 8th.

Wonderful Wonders said...

I lost my baby girl Chanel on December 25th, my heart is totally broken. Chanel was with me since she was 10 weeks old, 4lbs 4oz. Chanel saved me, she gave me the BEST 16 1/2 years I've ever had! My heart aches....