Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I was able to get some of the special Santa pictures from our vet's Santa pictures.   Here is Lexie, the puppy whose mom was put in a shelter when she was pregnant.  Lexie now has a great home!  (I'll be sharing other pictures here, too.)
Lexie has Paddy, after all.
Harley Marie sent me this one of her with Santa.   She was one of my fosters.  She is so cute!
Sophie models her Santa hat.  I need to get some hats for my dogs-- but would they let me use them.   That is the question.
Gigi was adopted and lives about an hour from me.   I did the home check a few years ago and she has the nicest family!!  
Gigi and Benji are wonderful buddies.
I posted this before of my granddog, Pandy, but just had to put it on this one.
Chloe Willow was adopted after a long wait.   She really wanted to be an only dog.   It's hard to find a home that doesn't already have a Peke in it-- you know, you usually cannot have just one Peke!
But, she has that home and is adored there!
Madeline put on her Santa hat at the photo session.   She is the best little girl.  
Is it my turn yet?
And here she is with Santa.  
Mickey was not as crazy about Santa-- he is leaning..... if he kept leaning, I guess he would have just fallen off Santa's lap.  But, Santa was good and kept a good hold on Mickey.  
Keep the Christmas pictures coming!


lady jicky said...

You know Linda..... even my grandkids can take a upset about Santa so I would think dogs would hate it too. LOL

Still .... your Santa is doing a GREAT job!!!

Lost Earring said...

Love this Christmas story with beloved Pekes seeing Santa and it makes me look forward to Christmas morning because our Fur babies love opening their presents. Everything stops while they open their gifts sometimes with a little help from us but Willow and Bandit proved that they have no problem of opening gifts even it is with tiny little bits of gift wrap. Mercer Meyer is having his first Christmas with us since we adopted him in early January so we are looking forward to seeing how he handles Santa Claus gifts. He is overall good at tearing up bits of paper when he finds a napkin. I'll be snapping away with my camera to record his first Christmas along with our continuing pictures of the other two Pekes opening their gifts.

And what dedication fosters and rescuers show when the manage to get the Furs to a Santa visit.

Thanks for sharing this story.