Tuesday, December 22, 2015


 Joyful is doing so much better.     She has gained weight, is more alert.   She has received presents, and ornaments, sweaters, shirts, and beds!
 Check out her new bed!!
 Her mom put her on it to try it out.    I think she has room for a friend to join her.   I'm sure it will happen.
 Joyful received a new sweater-- her mom is going to hem it some, because it's a bit long, but the rest of it fits just fine.    She went to her foster mom's groomer and got all spiffy for Christmas!   She was so good.   She was only there an hour, so she would not be stressed.
I think red is her color this week!   I love the reindeers.
Joyful is certainly going to rejoice this Christmas-- and so are many of us.
She has moved right into our hearts!  
Written by Linda Maxwell


lady jicky said...

I do love to see Ms Joyful ..... she is looking goooood !

Lost Earring said...

This started my day off on the right foot for sure Linda. Thanks. It's amazing what that little girl has done for so many of us. She's shown just how resilient she is and with her rescue and all of the loving care she's getting she is blooming. That to me is a Christmas miracle in the making.