Saturday, December 26, 2015


Raymond had a wonderful Christmas.   He was one of our senior fosters and loves his new home.  
 Tucker is looking for a treat!
 Daisy saw Santa and I'm sure she got everything she wanted.
Abner visited people in the hospital-- he is a therapy dog.
Sometimes, he lays down on the job, just to get ready for the next round!
Mookie was so excited about Christmas this year!
 Tai Tai, you are so beautiful on your red Santa rug.
 Jammer had his picture painted for his Christmas present-- beautiful!
 Chumley and Max on Christmas morning.   There was so much to get into, but they did great.
 Floyd just slept through most of it.
 Kai Kai and Chumley were hoping for a treat-- but alas, no people food!  (These are my two allergy dogs, so I have to be extra careful.)
Kai Kai was not amused to play a reindeer, but he did not try to take these off. 
 For us, Christmas is a time of faith and love and hope and believing.
We hope you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas!


lady jicky said...

I never want to eat again ! LOL

lady jicky said...

Linda ...... I forgot to mention ... love Kai Kai's face with the antlers on his head .... like the Queen - "I am not amused!" LOL