Friday, November 4, 2016


 Bradley came into rescue with his brother, Bentley.   They didn't need to stay together.
 Bradley did great in his foster home-- but his new home was waiting.  
 On Monday, three of my Pekes went to Paula's to meet Bradley's new mom and dad.    They drove almost five hours to get him!   Starlight was all set to explore.
 My three had been to the ophthalmologist and we went straight to Paula's.  
 Kai Kai had gone along so that he could visit the friends at the ophthalmologist who had done all his surgery and taken great care of him.
 Lu, Paula's PVPC alumni, was not too sure about the Pekingese invasion.
 Kai Kai explored the yard.
 Bradley met his new dad-- he has come so far getting healthy and I know he will continue.  They will send us updates.  (I love updates!)
 Groups of Pekes were all over-- it was Peke heaven!
 Three at the tree...
 Starlight and Cooper (am I right, Paula?) were hanging out.  Starlight was actually nice at the vet and at Paula's-- a miracle!).
 They all wanted to meet Bradley's new mom.
 And she enjoyed meeting all of them.
 Lu hid behind the deck fence.  He's SO cute that I just wanted to kiss him, but he only loves his mom.
 Come on, Lu.
 Not happening!
Bradley will have a new sister within the week.   He will have a wonderful playmate and home.  I love happy adoptions!

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LadyJicky said...

So happy that Bradley has a new loving family!!!!!