Saturday, November 26, 2016


 Bumbles was a stray in a shelter near me.  
 They asked me if I would take him into rescue.   So, off to the shelter I went (others were helping to get two others out of a shelter in Maryland-- what fabulous helpers we have!).
 He is a happy boy!
 He liked posing for my pictures.
 We made a stop at my house after picking him up and then off to the vet we went.
 He had to get in some tummy rubs and snuggles first though.
 Hugs for my sister..
 And then we were off!
 I looked at all the name suggestions for this little guy and they were all wonderful!   It was hard to decide, but I decided to name him Bumbles, after the snowman in The Abominable Snowman, a children's Christmas cartoon movie.
 His eyes are in rough shape, very goopy, nasal folds touching the eyes.
 Bitty Bit, aka The Viking (my second grandchild) went with me.
 He was loving all the attention.   Bumbles weighs 15 pounds, but is overweight, so a diet is in order.    His ears are good, and he got some eye medication.   He has limited vision, but he seems to get around fine, and the meds will hopefully help increase his vision.
 He has a bath, and was so good-- it took two baths and cream rinse to get him clean.   He is about 8 or a little more.   He will be reseen in a few weeks to check his eyes again, and then he will be available for adoption.   He is a SWEET boy!


LadyJicky said...

Love him..... Pop him on a plane to Australia!!!!

Teresa Bailey said...

He beautiful. Send him to me here in Arizona. I will definitely take him.

Unknown said...

Cutiepie :D