Monday, November 7, 2016


 Ginger was brought to us from a shelter in S.W. Virginia.   We were told she was about 5 years old, but we're not sure of her age.
 Her eyes are not in great shape and she needs to have drops put in them and wiped down to keep them clean.
 She has some sight, maybe shadows.  We are hoping the drops will help her.   It is upsetting when we get little ones in whose eyes have been so neglected and they pay the price with sight loss.
Ginger is getting vet care, will be spayed and have a dental once she is more comfortable.   She wags her tail a lot and is very sweet-- in rescue, that goes a long long way!  If you would like to help with her medical care cost, please send a donation to our paypal site on, or send a check to our P.O. Box.  PVPC, P.O. Box 61005, Richmond, VA 23261

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LadyJicky said...

Sweet Ginger is just so cute and if she needs eye drops ... they do adapt to them .
I had a pug x maltese some years ago and he really adapted so well and he had a great life with some vision! Dear Oscar lived to 11 years and it was cancer that took him in the end.