Saturday, November 12, 2016


We have received quite a few requests to take in more dogs.   We have been able to help some, but not all.   This is Ginger Kent.   She is safely in foster care now.  
We have been asked to take in this one also.  We don't have her yet.   We have to have funds to take care of medical needs and we never know what will be needed.   Even the "easiest intake" can turn out to cost a lot of money.   We are working on this one.
Look at this smile.   He was in a city humane shelter.   He was an owner turn in.   We were asked if we could take him.   He was scared in the shelter, which is pretty normal for Pekes.
A friend went to pick him up for me-- and I may never meet him except at the Peke picnic-- I think she's going to adopt him!!   Fosters do get first option to adopt-- and he is already begging, running the yard and have a great time.
And this one-- she's a mix I think, which makes it very difficult for us to take her in.  She also has some extensive medical needs, so even though she is very sweet, we don't know that we can take her.   I'm trying to find another place/rescue for her.   Rescue is tough on the heart.   We get so many requests, and we can't take them all.   But, thanks to all who help us, we can help some.  So thank you to all who have given to the "Joyful Year" fund-- it is helping our mission continue to help Pekes in need.   I think Joyful Grace would like that.

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LadyJicky said...

Oh I am so sad to read this .... they are all just beautiful and I would take one in if I was in the USA.
Its winter coming on and Peke's are so delicate.... I am saying a huge prayer for them all and a huge prayer to you all in rescue ... what a hard job you all have.

Coco and I are doing a big and positive Adoption Dance for all your new ones.