Monday, November 21, 2016


 Teddy was adopted from our group years ago.  I didn't keep all the files then, so I'm not sure of the exact date.
 He is almost 15 now and has a wonderful family!
 He thinks he is part prairie dog, like my Max.
 He, like my Max again, loves to be on the ottoman.  I see they use a blanket also-- saves the furniture. :-)
 Like most Pekes, Teddy isn't a fan of baths.   I had a big sink put in my kitchen when we moved in so it would be Pekingese size. haha
 Kitchens are fine other than the sinks!  Watching food be prepared is always fun.
 He has a lot of toys, and wonderful care and love.  He really is beautiful.
He recently had surgery and one was for the cyst on his head.  My granddog had the same thing-- have any of you experienced large head cysts, too?    Teddy is recovering great, and happy to be back home-- just look at that smile!   He is one special boy!


LadyJicky said...

Oh he is a beautiful old boy ....... I think he is going into Coco's "Spunk Muffin" Photo album --- you know , that girl has that album under her pillow at night ... dreaming of handsome Pekingese doggie guys .... she knows Teddy is a Old Boy but she likes the idea of having a "Sugar Daddy" !!! LOL

P.S......... Coco likes diamonds Teddy :) ... just saying!

Lost Earring said...

What an adorable guy he is. He's a senior for sure but don't tell him that. Our Bandit does the same Prairie Dog sit down pat too.

Carol Nissley said...

Such a handsome guy..

Carol Nissley said...

So handsome