Monday, November 28, 2016


 We were asked to take in this little man.  He was turned in when the owners said they could no longer care for him.   His is one of the "cases" that just make us mad in rescue.   This sweet Peke has been severely neglected--
 His eyes are bad, he is missing hair, he is emaciated, he is in pain.    But, we are doing all we can for him.   He has been to the vet several times already.  His bloodwork is surprisingly good, but he is not eating or comfortable.   We hope he will rally!   He is about ten years old and 9 pounds-- very underweight.
 He is resting, finally in a clean bed with soft blankets.   He is being offered food, but doesn't want to eat-- so he received a shot for nausea and for pain.   He received fluids to give him a boost.  He will see the vet again tomorrow.
Please pray for this sweet boy.   We just want him to have a life of love and care and safety.   If you want to help with his care, just go to our website to make a donation. Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Donate Now   I'll keep you updated on his condition.
Linda Maxwell/blogger


LadyJicky said...

Linda ... we have just done a donate for sweet Prince!

I am praying he finds some comfort and love ... and ... especially - a new for Ever Home!!!

LadyJicky said...

I am praying for little Prince and left a donation too.

Patricia Porter said...

Poor little guy. I will try to get a payment go through

Patricia Porter said...

Poor little guy. I will try to get a payment to go through.