Tuesday, November 1, 2016


 Joyful Grace came into rescue last November, so we've had her almost a year.
 She has had comfort and love, good food and great care provided by Acredale Animal Hospital (Virginia Beach) and her foster mom, Sherry.
 When she came to us, her skin was horrible, and she was a defeated little girl who didn't even weight ten pounds.
 She had an outpouring of love from people who fell in love with her, so there was no lack of outfits for her to wear.
 She even had a huge bed donated to her and she could leap into it.
 She loved all her blankets and was alert and happy.
 Her foster mom adored her and even took days off to care for her.
 Joyful Grace was at the vet, and inspired everyone there.  
 I visited her quite a few times and she had such a sweet spirit.   In the last few weeks, she had lost her appetite,  She has been having diahrea and vomiting and the light was going out of her eyes.   She was not okay.   Her little body was giving up.
Joyful loved her special blankets, outfits and toys.  She snuggled on them as she rested.
 I saw her last night, and she was having difficulty breathing.
Her lungs were filling with fluid, despite all the medications she was on.  She was in congestive heart failure.   Joyful Grace died at home last night, surrounded by her doggy friends and her foster mom.  She gave it all she had and lived longer than we ever thought she would.   She was loved by so many.
 We will all miss you, Joyful Grace, but none as much as your foster mom.   Run free now, little girl.  You are whole now.


LadyJicky said...

Oh I am just so sad to read this !
What a fighter little Joyful was and what wonderful people you ALL are to help her .
Joyful Grace's foster Mum is in my prayers and I am so happy she had a year of love and kindness and she was able to pass in a safe and wonderful home.

Lost Earring said...

This makes me unbearably sad but I know that Joyful Grace had angels by her side and that she enjoyed a happy life for at least a little while.

Joyful Grace stole everyone's heart and she will be missed by many.

Thetazva said...

I am soo sorry to hear this, she was such a beautiful little girl and the many that helped make her life a better one, the many that wished and prayed for her , those that watched and waited for her to get better, those of us that could see the love in this gentle little one. We will all miss this precious little fur baby. May she walk amongst the clouds, may she find freedom from suffering and pain, may she know she was loved and cared for here, she gave joy to all those that knew her and even those of us that didn't. She showed us what true compassion and love is.
Bless this little one and thanks to all of you who made a difference in her life.

Dee Smith said...
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Dee Smith said...

It is with deep sadness that I read of Joyful Grace's passing. She was so sweet and there was a fighter in that tiny little body. Just think of her now, no more pain and only joy surrounding her. We will miss the posts on her progress. Much love to her mom, who made her last year joyful.

Unknown said...

I watched this baby come from the cocoon of abuse to the beautiful Joyful Grace. I truly have a tear of lose for her. May this babues spirit grow in heaven and desend upon anyone who abuses. In that it changes them to love. Farwell till we meet again my little friend. Ill miss you. Amen
Kenny Martin