Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Richmond Animal Control asked us if we would take this owner turn in.   The owners has obviously never cared for him.  He was unneutered and had a lot of issues-- how could he have been like this for so long?
He had a bath, to get rid of fleas and dirt and he did fine. (Tiffany got in the shower with him!  The things foster parents do!!)   But, he had huge mats all over his body.
His nails were so long they were embedded in the pads of his feet, causing infection and pain.
He had a good meal and a soft place to sleep.
He went to the vet on Monday morning.
You can see the masses behind his ears, and they were also underneath, causing him pain when he walked.   He is an old boy, and he is blind.  He is underweight and has a heart murmur, but he likes other dogs!   He even tried to play with one of his new friends at Tiffany's.  
Unfortunately, he has a mass on his back end and also a mass in his mouth that has already dislodged some of his teeth.  It is probably cancer.   But, we will give him pain meds (he also had an antibiotic shot) and keep him comfortable for the time he has.   He may surprise us and live a long time.   As a rescue, we are committed to helping him while he is with us.   Sweet Pete, welcome to rescue!


LadyJicky said...

Oh my .... Sweet Pete has sort of replaced Joyful ... but ... I know you all love him and want the best for him.
Linda .... If i was living in the USA ...I would take him on!
Sweet Pete ... Coco and I are sending you lots of Healing Vibes - so sweet Linda :)

Lost Earring said...

This kind of baby rescue just hurts my heart so bad. The fact that a nail trim and a bath brings him a bit of relief angers me that he was not extended these small consideration. The more serious problems makes me even more angry that he was neglected, not fed and probably not even hugged or allowed to snuggle with a caring human being.

I'm not sure I could ever remain polite in cases like this.

Thank you for caring enough to see that he is given some love and attention as well as relief from easily cured problems.

Kam Hitchcock said...

Can we do something terrible to his former owners? Just one thing?