Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Adopting from us is a process.   We must have an application for the process to begin.
I have received comments to my blog, and emails asking for information-- one sentence, but no information given on who the person is or what kind of home they could give.   We are happy to help.  We WANT to find our foster dogs great homes.   But, we are also very busy, so if you write us, please tell us about who you are, what kind of home you have.   PLEASE read our bios.  If we say a dog is part of a bonded pair, don't ask us to separate them.   If we say they must have a playmate, don't ask if they can be an only dog.   If we feel they must have a fenced yard, don't say you will put one up-- email us once you have a fence (a secure fence-- Pekes are small and can get out).    Please don't say you can't afford the adoption fee-- that just tells us you can't afford the vetting costs. (Our adoption fees are incredibly reasonable.  We spend a lot more than the adoption fee.)   Our dogs are wonderful and many have been through a lot.  We do home checks and vet checks to make sure we find as great a home as we can.   SO, if you want to adopt, please help us to know you.   We may just have the perfect dog for you.       


LadyJicky said...

You all do such wonderful work with the peke's!!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes indeed! When my vet in Maryland saw Benny and Mattie for the first time, and reviewed their records from PVPR, she said that she had NEVER before seen dogs adopted from rescue who had had such extensive general medical, dental, and eye care. She was very impressed.