Saturday, September 29, 2018


 Clarence (on the right) came into rescue almost ten years ago.   It doesn't seem that long.
 Princeton came into rescue in 2013.    He was a foster with Clarence, and the foster parents fell in love.
 His mom and dad are avid bike riders so the boys get to go on adventures-- not on the bike, but to special places. 
 Clarence came into rescue right before Christmas, so we named him after the Christmas angel in "It's a Wonderful Life."   I didn't think the name would stick, but Kim (his foster mom and adopter) loved it!   And she loved him, too!
 Princeton came from a shelter in Annapolis, and his foster dad fell for him.  Look at his face-- I would, too.
 They are such good friends.   And this picture with the pumpkin tells us Halloween is coming soon.
 Are you excited, Clarence?
 Clarence is so friendly, Princeton is a little more laid back.
 They love going to the mountains with their mom and dad.
 Boys, are you getting ready to work?
 This is Clarence's friend, Lucy.  She was visiting and it looks like they are having a good time.  Lucy looks like she's been playing.  😀
I may have to figure out how to sneak in the car with them and head to their mountain cabin.  Sounds like a perfect place to me!

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LadyJicky said...

They are so cute and they have a mountain cabin!!! Wow!