Friday, September 7, 2018

Kacey and friends

Barbara is our treasurer and doing a great job!   She keeps us organized with our money and is right on top of things.  
 She also has fostered and adopted from us.   Ginny-Lolo was her latest adopted dog. 
 Lolo, like most Pekes, can't seem to fit on her bed.
 Rosie, her senior foster girl, managed to get her head on the bed.   Time for a nap!
Kacey and Melrose have perfect hidey-holes for a nap.  I think my granddog, Granger, would love one of those.
 Kacey-- oh that face!   
 Melrose-- you sweet boy. 
 Rosie has had some health issues, but for 16 she is really doing great.   She sleeps a lot-- which is a great idea, especially during the dog days of summer!   She wants to know if cooler weather is on the way.
 Kacey hopes so.    I do, too!


LadyJicky said...

Come on down to Australia Kacey..... its still cold in my area of Oz !!!

Lost Earring said...

Love this story on Barbara's Babies. They're all so cute and look so happy and contented with their Angel Mom Barbara.

Any time it's a good day on Must Love Pekes, it's a good day for me.