Friday, September 14, 2018


Koko's foster mom was out of town last week, so he came for a short visit. 
He can't really hear much, and he has one eye, and he's 14 years old-- my kind of dog! 
Like every dog who comes here, he got a spa treatment.  He was wiggly, but not bad.  I let the vet help with his feet, to trim the hair and nails. 
He loves his foster yard, and it was the same here.   Let's explore!
He doesn't have dry eye, but he does need his eye wiped down. He's very good about it.
He and Chumley sniffed...
And he walked down paths with Minnie.
Oh, let's go that way!
Minnie is Koko's daughter, but they are not bonded.  So, she stayed at my house.
I love this picture-- they look so cute together and if you'd like to adopt them both, that would be awesome!
We would just like them to have forever homes.  Homes that would love them and give them a safe place to live the rest of their lives.
Koko is 14, easy going, and healthy.   He gets Dasuquin for his old bones, but he can hop up the five steps to the porch.   Wow.
Look at that face--
They are both so sweet-- if you are interested in adopting them, here's the link:
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

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LadyJicky said...

It would be so great if the two were adopted together!
I am doing my Adoption dance - twice!!! LOL