Thursday, September 20, 2018


Sheena, now Sydnie, was in a local shelter.  Her owner had died.
In the shelter, she was known as "fractious."  😟
Pekingese don't do well in shelters.  They are used to being in control, being loved, not being in a cage.   She was really scared!
It took weeks to get her out of the shelter because of the law.   So, we waited and hoped we would get her.  We felt like we won the lottery!!   I immediately took her to my wonderful vet and they kept her there for tests and a good clean. 
I tried to take a lot of pictures of her-- because that's what I do LOL-- and she kept licking my phone.  No selfies for her!
She had a bad bladder infection-- poor girl!   She had an upper respiratory infection and needed nebulizing treatments.  So, we had to leave her there.  She stayed about 5 days and then...
We were able to get her to her foster home.   She was so excited!
She met her foster mom's "Drill Bit."  She loved everyone.
She needs to be spayed and have a dental.  We can do that.
She feels safe now.  She has comfy beds, and good food, and a happy place.
Did I say happy?
We think Sydnie is about 8, but we're not sure.  She is a loving, sweet girl.  She has always been around other dogs, but is more interested in people.  (More info to come on if she likes to play with other dogs.)  If you are interested in adopting her after her medical is done, please go to this link:
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt


LadyJicky said...

I am just so glad you got her in the end Linda !

I am doing my Adoption Dance for sweet Sydnie.... she is so pretty and I know with love .. that girl will bloom!

Sue said...

she is the sweetest thing Oh my goodness! She will absolutely thrive in the loving care of your fosters and wonderful rescue. Lucky family that adopts her!