Wednesday, September 26, 2018


 Bugsy is new to our rescue-- he can't really twist and shout, but he can sit up!
 Gizmo 2 can twist-- and we know he can shout!  LOL
 Gigi and Granger can do some dancing, too.  I think they're dreaming about what they can get into.
 He loves his new tent.  He hangs out there a lot.
 Minnie is 12, deaf and mostly sleeps.  But... see below.
 Nala and Sugar Bit were doing twisting and ... well, maybe just a lot of giggling as they twisted up the sheets.
 They were having a blast!   
 And there's Granger again.  Yes, he's twisted that tent around, and rolling around with glee.
 And Minnie can have her moments.
 She twisted and rolled this way and that way..
 And back again.
 And then decided a good scratch was in order.
I hope this posts-- if not, I'll add it to the comments on facebook.    Kai Kai is in his glory-- twisting and making noise-- not exactly shouting, but for 13, it's not bad!  You go, Kai Kai.   Twist and Shout all you want!

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LadyJicky said...

Yum Yum was just shouting for his dinner.... does that count??? LOL