Thursday, September 27, 2018

MY DAY....

 Chumley looks like I feel sometimes... my blog is late because my day got away from me.  WHY??
 My day is busy from the time I get up until I crawl into bed at night, hoping to read a few pages before my eyes close. 
 My day is spent carrying out blind dogs-- my Kai Kai.
 And Minnie needs to be carried because she doesn't have the mobility to get up the stairs.
 I try to keep small children and dogs alive as they wrestle and play and wind themselves up in my sheets.
 We blow bubbles.  And dig in the dirt, and read stories and have popsicles.
 I groom dogs and wrap them up to help them be secure.   And warm until we blow them dry.
 My days are spent going to the beach with grandbits.
 And watching them explore the mysteries of unicorns.
 It's treating injuries on dogs (Nala's paw) and giving meds for seizures and IMHA five times a day.  It's giving eye drops to several Pekes.
 My days are filled going to the vet.  And answering rescue emails, and helping get dogs into rescue and setting up transports.  (THANK YOU to all who help!!)
 It's letting Bits paint..
We make tandem wagons to carry toys in.
 It's rewinding ribbons-- yards and yards of it that Sugar Bit thought was fun to unwind.
 It's bringing cars into the house so she can ride them inside and create more destruction that you can imagine.  😀
 It's finding boxes they can play in..
And saving dogs who want to be students.   Busy days, happy days.  Rescue days.  My life is blessed!


Lost Earring said...

And I'm exhausted just reading about your busy days filled with so many things and your heart that is filled with love for your Grand Babies and your Furry Babies.

What would the rescue efforts be without your steam and energy and those that help.

LadyJicky said...

I honestly wonder how you do all that you do Linda !
With a puppy now .... just one.... my days have increased in work but yours.... oh my!

Please try to rest when you can .