Saturday, September 22, 2018


 I posted on facebook awhile back about a dog my daughter found on her way to work.   She could not let it run in the road and be hit-- so she picked it up.  (She seems to be a magnet for lost dogs-- she rescued Mattie.)
 My daughter called her sister, needing help (since she was on her way to work).   So, the dog went to my other daughter.  I contacted the shelter in that area, with a picture and location.   We looked on lost dog sites.  No one came forward.
She was so sweet and a vet checked her.  No microchip.  She was probably one or two and had already had puppies.  
 A friend of my daughter's had an older Dachshund named Harley.
 Harley was NOT happy at first, but now they are great friends! 
 Penny, as she was named, is perfect.  She was just spayed and microchipped and has a collar with a tag on it. 
 She loves her new family.
She is now right at home.  💜

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LadyJicky said...

I remember that dog your daughter found on the road ...... I am so happy to read Miss Penny is in a wonderful home and super happy ... with a brother too!!! Wow!