Saturday, January 19, 2019


 Chumley is another "before and after" story.  Chumley was in a shleter in September 2014.  He was older, but happy, even in the shelter.
 He was in rough shape, with missing hair and raw skin.
 He was matted and had skin infections.  I don't know how he ended up in the shelter, but it was a lucky day for us and for him. 
 We shaved him down, so his skin could be clean and "airy" and he began to heal. 
 He came to our house for fostering and my granddaughter met him and cried at the thought that he would be adopted-- so we adopted him.   The things we do for our grandkids! haha   He loves everyone and all the kids.   And of course, he LOVES his dumbell. 
 We nick named him Mr. Happy. 
 He is about 13-14 now, and he sleeps a lot. 
 He will disappear in the evening, and I'll find that he has gone upstairs and put himself to bed-- either on our bed or one of the doggy beds. 
 He is great with all the dogs, loves all the kids, guards the street against renegade children or birds or neighbors who are in their yard.   He is a great boy.
His tail wags and his skin is great (with allergy food and cytopoint shots).  He is a happy boy!


LadyJicky said...

I just love that Chumley !!!

You can see in the many photos he is a Happy Boy !!!

Carol Lee said...

Oh WOW what a super life story.

Lost Earring said...

I love Chumley ad his story is another one that cheers me up. He is a Rescue Lottery winner for sure and his luck extended to being a foster failure because one of the Bits loved him so much.

This blog has given me insight into the individual character of each and every Pekingese. I see more and more of that in my three rescues. Each one possesses a personality different from the other yet they blend together in peace with little conflict or jealously other than interfering when Mommy is talking sweet talk to the one on her lap or beside my wheelchair.

One of my babies is a Pekingese mix with Pomeranian traits as an extroverted and very clever little skallywag who gets away with just about everything he does because he's so funny. Walking around with his big bed on his head is one of the things we've yet to catch in a photograph but we're working on it.

So love to Chumley/Mr. Happy because his personality makes him even more loved.