Tuesday, January 1, 2019


My original blog this year for the Joyful Year Fundraiser is:  Must Love Pekes: MAKE IT A JOYFUL YEAR-- 2018   Here are some new pictures!  Thank you for helping us.


(The pictures aren't always in order-- I can add a new one and it gets inserted somewhere-- but I still want to thank everyone with the pictures of their beloved pet-- whether it's a Peke or not.)

My original blog this year for the Joyful Year Fundraiser is:  Must Love Pekes: MAKE IT A JOYFUL YEAR-- 2018   Here are some new pictures!  Thank you for helping us.
Thank you to Ida and her clan-- Jasper, Allie Marie, Percy, Tax, and Faolan!   Ida does our web site--don't you love the new look!   She helps me in so many ways.   
 Sylvia and Craig have been friends since they adopted Joshua from me in 2008.  They later adopted Ginger Snap (above)...
 and Jimmy.   Jimmy had so many trust issues, but they never gave up on him.
And of course, sweet Joshua, my Scooterbug's best friend.  Both Scooterbug and Joshua are playing over the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you for helping us!
Clarence and Abner helped us again this month.   Both were adopted from us-- both were foster failures.   Both are so very loved.  
 Khodi's mom made a donation to the Joyful Fun.  Khodi is adorable, a 6 month old puppy.
Harley Marie-- I love this picture-- her mom made a donation, too.  
 Princess (RIP) was the beloved girl of Ann.  She made a donation in her memory.
 Nancy Ross supports us every year-- her cards help us raise money so we can help more of our foster dogs.  Thank you, Nancy!!   (Her Peke cards are based on her own pets.)
 Koko's mom made a donation in his memory-- his mom now has Khodi (above).  He reminds me of Floyd-- a beautiful boy.
Leo's mom wants to help other Pekes.  Under the tree- a perfect place to be!  
 Berry's new family gave us a donation to help with our foster dogs.   And Berry has fit right in!  He a "bit" smaller than his new siblings haha.  But, they all love him.
 My group has made a donation to the Joyful Year fund-- Kai Kai and Nala are so sweet and want to help more Pekes.
 My Max knows what it was like to be a scared Peke since he was dumped in a field ten years ago.
My Chumley was a stray when he came to me as a foster four years ago.   Yep-- he stayed.  I only keep a few of my fosters since I know I can't keep them all.  But, my granddaughter fell in love with him, so he stayed.
 Minnie is my current foster, along with Nala.  HMMM, is she staying?
 Toni's Theo wanted to help more fosters.   He had a rough story when he came to us.
Kathi sent me another picture of her group-- at the top are Mac, Stassi, Cooper, and Mila.  On ethe bottom is Kaylee.  Thank you for helping us!!!  And for becoming a friend, too.
Gus and his mom made a donation, too.   This has always been one of my favorite pictures of Gus.  
 His face has the most soulful expression.  Here he is with his sister, Daisy.  Thank you for helping us!
 Daisy's Dad, Rich, has continuously helped us with raising money to help.   He has done many garage sales to raise money for PVPC-- his Daisy is beautiful.  (I just wish he lived closer so I could go to his garage sales-- he has great stuff!)
 Ernie is in the stroller.   He was crippled due to being kept in a cage (puppy mill) for four years.   His brother, Winston, was another rescue.   Rescues helping rescues-- it's the best!  Thank you, Gracie.
 Robert makes donations to us in memory of his precious Pupfy.   He may be gone, but never forgotten and always loved.
 Charlie is Martha's boy-- a senior adopted from us.  He's adorable!
 Doolin and Gizzy are a part of our rescue family-- thank you for helping us sweet boys!!  And thank your mom and dad, Colleen and Tim!
 Andrea's Cherry is a beauty-- her mom doesn't live near us, but she's part of our family.
 Oh, Yum Yum-- I love the stories your mom sends me.  She's been a friend for years and I'm blessed by her friendship and support.  All the way from Australia.
Kathi has become a friend this year.   She has offered encouragement and support and I appreciate it so much.  She has especially love Nala and of course, I do, too.   Kathi's gang are so sweet.

I will add more pictures soon!!
 Scout and her sister...
 Magnolia, sent in another donation to help our Pekes.   💜 Their mom has been instrumental (along with Abner's mom) in making our calendars. 
Abner was one of my puppy fosters.  His mom is a giver in so many ways-- not only to our rescue, but to people in need who need a friendly dog face to brighten their day.  Abner is a therapy dog in New York.  It warms my heart.
 Laura sent in a donation in memory of her little Lila.  She was a beautiful, special girl.
 Gizzy's mom and dad support us often and are wonderful Peke people. 
Ginny's mom helps us so much-- it is great to make such good friends when you do rescue.   
Thank you, Ollie and Jane, for your encouragement and support!!   


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