Saturday, January 12, 2019


   Crosby was in a shelter in NC and we were asked if we could help.  His owners had turned him in because they could not afford to care for him.  He was SO sweet, they kept him in the office.  No kennels for this adorable. boy.
 We got him and Oh. That. Face!!   I just wanted to kiss it.
 His future mom saw that face, too-- and that was it!  He joined Maggie and Triple and his forever family.
 Crosby loves toys-- he will sit on them (where's the toy Crosby??), find them, retrieve them (does he really bring them back?) and pull them all out of the toy box.  His job is to make people happy and keep them entertained.
 His brother, Triple was adopted from us after he had a leg amputated due to cancer.   And Triple needed a medical procedure.  Afterwards, he had vegetable ice packs on it to help soothe it. 
Crosby has made it his new job to keep an eye on Triple.  If you need to find him, just find Triple.  He is so caring and nurturing.  We knew he was a great dog, but he has surpassed everything.  He is the best boy!! ❤️💙


LadyJicky said...

Crosby and Triple were mean to be together.... the "Peke Star in the Sky" lead him to Triple to help him out ..... yes Linda ... he is just the Best Boy!!

Oh .... you never heard about the "Peke Star in the sky" ???

Its a guiding star that leads Peke's ( and other breeds of doggies) to the best family and home for them.... I so wish all doggies had that star to get them to love and safety but dear Crosby found that star one night and what a life he will have now !

So happy for Crosby :)

Tara said...

Our baby boys! Thank you Linda. We love these guys so much!❤

Lost Earring said...

I love Crosby's toy fascination. He is so entertaining with those toys, but his real quality shines through with his care for brother Triple. Triple is a complete story in and of himself and another rescue lottery winner.

Things like this makes the days brighter and more sunny in today's worrisome world.