Wednesday, January 16, 2019


 Nala came to us almost one year ago (on the 18th).  She was exuberant and loving from the beginning.
 She has fought so many things this past year-- from extreme cluster seizures, to IMHA, to Demodex, to alopecia. 
 The seizures seem to be managed for the most part with medication three times a times a day.  The IMHA seems to be stable for now-- her red blood count has been better than it has been.  But, she is missing a lot of hair on her face and neck and there are a lot of problems in those areas.   I try to take her pictures from her "good side" for you.  The other side would be difficult for many people to see.   We have had a culture done to see if there is more we can do and those results should come back next week.  (Since she has so many medical issues, there are many medications that she cannot use because they would irritate her seizure disorder or the IMHA.) 
 BUT, it has not taken her joy.   She has special baths to treat her neck and face -- we do these every two to three days.   She then I sit in a small space with her to blow her dry while she tries to escape.   LOL   
 After she is dry, she has her shirts put back on, and then she goes nutty!   She jumped on the couch and rolled around this way and that way on her new Peke blanket.
 She got under it and over it and pushed it around. 
 This goes on awhile and then she settles down and I cover her up so her body will warm up all the way through (she is dry, but still shakes after a bath). 
Then, it's cuddle time and getting on my lap to take a nap.   In spite of all she has gone through, her loving personality has not left.   She sleeps a lot, but when she is awake, she has a happy spirit that makes us all smile.  She is greatly loved.
I'm not sure this video will come through- if not, I'll add it to the posting on facebook.  She makes me smile and laugh at her antics and her will to live life with exuberance.  We love our girl!! 


Lost Earring said...

Watching/seeing this little girl brave it out and still manage to make all of us smile and laughing at her antics gives me a boost to deal with my own disabilities in a better way.

Getting up with a better attitude helps when I've read the blog or see posts about my Lady Nala. If that tiny little girl can deal with her health and still bring smiles then by gosh I can deal with my own with a little better nature.

Sue said...

such a wonderful blog today about this sweet darling! I could not see the video what a joy she is despite of all her challenges. We all love her! You are her earth angel and she knows it and pays you back 1000 fold in her love for you

LadyJicky said...

Nala is such a sweet and courageous girl !!

Linda ... the video did not work but I know how "nutty" some dogs go when they realize the bath is OVER ! LOL