Tuesday, January 22, 2019


 This incredible little girl was Ellie, but her new name is Clancee Marie.
 I took her to her new home before Christmas and she's just "over the bridge and through the tunnel" from me. 
 Her new parents love her so much.   Clancee went on her first ferry ride.   It was nippy, but she had her sweater on and it was warm inside.
 She has her first grooming in her new home-- and she was so good!   She's about as perfect as she can be.  She is not fast-- she just "mozies" around as her own pace.  LOL
 She gets to go a lot of places with her new mom.  And what adventures they have.
 She sent me my first Valentine for this year-- to let me know I am her Valentine (next to her mom and dad of course) and that I can come visit anytime.
Clancee Marie-- we love you.   I'm so happy for you!!

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LadyJicky said...

Oooo.... she is just so pretty!!!