Friday, January 4, 2019


 I asked for New Year's pics of your dogs-- and wow, what a response!  I'm trying to share them all.  Willie Won Ton and Binks had a discussion and...
 this is how they spent New Year's.   Yep-- that was a great idea!
 Annabelle is tiny but mighty.
 She was in charge at Christmas and I'm sure she was in charge at New Year's too.
 Andy/Mr. Rooney said he wants more wagon rides in 2019.
 Bellamy wants his forever home and it just may be coming soon.
 Ginny said, "More beds, please."
 Granger was content-- he found another box!  Boxes and paper bags-- his kids and long walks.  He is a happy boy.
 Magnolia and Scout said, "New Year's?"
 Taffy has settled into her foster home.  She came back to us when her owner went into hospice care.  She is a sweet girl.
 Aria just wants to be with her Bella.
 Bella agrees.
 Peanut-- I don't think you should have any wishes-- your mom, on the other hand, has plenty.  Like not meeting her at the door with poop, or pee on the couch, or you just being "bad" while she's gone.   You need to make her smile-- you do make the rest of us laugh!
 Allie Marie and Tax are snuggled together.  They want to see what this year of 2019 will bring them. 💜
 Anna's girl said, "bring on the New Year. I'm ready!"
 Anna's other girl said, "I'm ready to snuggle in."
 Benny has some health issues last year, but he seems to be doing better.  I'm so glad! 
 Evie is fine-- her pink bed is by the door where she can observe her world.  Perfect!
 And Henry-- oh, just being cute is enough!  He is so adorable.
 Rocky, you have begging down to a science.  I think your goal this year is to become even better at it.
 Lucy Lu is so happy in her new home.  2018 brought a new mom and a home and love to her.  She has all she needs.
 Madeline Grace has all she needs, too.  A mom and dad who adore her.
 Her brother, Mickey, has all he needs, too.  Perfect!
 Puccini-- you are so cute.   I'm still looking for a sibling for you.  I know the perfect one is out there.
 Mr. Winnie has a mom and dad who adore him.  And when I visit, he is one big ball of joy and sweetness.  He is the happiest dog!
 My sweet friend, Michelle, adopted Poof/Blossom and we've become such good friends.  I'm grateful. 
 Camden and Brandy have a great home and both are PVPC alumni.   Look at how stunning they are. 
 Yoshi lost his brother this past year, so he is adjusting and getting a lot of attention.  He will be fine with all the love he is receiving.
Margie shared this of her four sweet ones.   She has fought battles, too, and we hope this is a great new year for her and all of us!   And we begin the year of 2019.   Get ready for more adventures!! 

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LadyJicky said...

Everyone is so special !

I must take a photo of Yum Yum but its been a shocking day ... the temp was 109.4f and then the wind and cool change came in and my big tree down the back split down the middle of the trunk!
So we were taking it down with the chainsaw!
I must take photos .